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Alessandra de Rossi:

Behind the Music

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Most artists in the music industry often have one goal in mind– turning this passion for music into their main profession from which they can start making a living. But that is not the case for actress, lyricist, and producer, Alessandra de Rossi.

For Alessandra, the music she independently produces on her YouTube channel is more of a personal experience between her and the listener. It’s not about having that claim to fame as a singer, or adding another notch on her belt as an artist. It has always been about the music. We got a chance to get a little one on one time with the multi-talented actress, where she talked about her journey as an independent musician in the Philippines and how she plans to move forward in this new endeavor.

Alessandra’s love for music began way back in 2006 when she and her best friend decided to place music over Alessandra’s words written in her journal using the app, GarageBand.

“I was always into writing my thoughts down since I was little so kinuha ko yung journal ko and found a poem there and came up with a melody,”

Article by: Veronica Roque
Photographs by: Xander Angeles
HMUA by: Katrina Echalar
Styled by: Van Mercado

Since then, the actress began producing her own music and releasing them through her YouTube channel. It may come as a surprise to many, but Alessandra is more than just the vibrant and talented actress we see on screen.

She now has two free albums up online. However, despite her passion for music, never in her wildest dreams did Alessandra think of performing her songs live, nor hearing them on mainstream media.

“Each time I hear a great song, in my head I think ‘sana ako nalang sumulat nyan’ or ‘sana ako nalang kumanta nyan,’ but I could never imagine myself singing it on stage.”

But despite her natural talent in the business, she doesn’t consider actually pursuing a career as a musician.

“Music for me ay hindi career. Expressing my thoughts lang ang peg ko, and sharing it with the world.”

It’s actually pretty refreshing to encounter someone like Alessandra who, despite her notability and success in the industry, does not seek to make everything a business venture. Nowadays, it feels as though artists are only in this industry to make a profit. So rarely do you still encounter individuals who are simply invested in their craft and are content in just being able to share it with others.

But when needed, she is ready to step up. In fact, she produced the original soundtrack of her movie “12”. Working on a tight budget for the film, Alessandra offered to produce the OST herself.

“Producer slash writer din ako nung film. I asked how much it would cost if we bought the rights to a song.. Around $10,000 daw. Ay!!! Ako nalang! Libre pa! ”

Goes to show that when something is truly your passion, it’s not about the money. At the end of the day, what matters is that you get to share an experience of what you love with the people around you. But after two free albums and an OST, is Alessandra ready to sell her music to the world?

“Now that I’m with VIVA, parang gusto nila gumawa ako ng album. But only when I’m ready.”

She added that it was time to pay back the musicians and producers who helped her for the past albums. “Hindi biro yung talent na meron sila. Kahit konting fee lang, in exchange of the passion and sacrifices they made for me ng walang kapalit when no one was there to believe na it was possible.”

Alessandra’s music has always taken on its own style. “Chill, electronic, ambient- anything relaxed. Kasi there’s no technique required. I can’t even call my style, singing. I say talking, whispering! No vibrato, no sustain. No birit.” Alessandra shared, adding that this style is what works most for her.

And of course, with the buzz of her new music about to be released, we wanted to know along with the fans what it is exactly we could expect this time around.

“Mas may kaunting beats na sya than before. Maybe [it’s] easier to understand, kahit yung lyrics. Hindi na siya too personal. Pwede na for a group of 3 na nakikinig. Pwede ka na mas maka -relate.”

The future is bright for Alessandra the Musician – should she decide to pursue it professionally.

“Na-plant ko na ang seeds noong 2007 pa. May puno na. Share na tayo sa fruits!”

If there’s one thing that Alessandra teaches us, it’s that our capabilities are endless. As long as you believe in what you do and continue to give our most authentic selves in doing it, the rewards are sure to be endless. Don’t think too much about the process, about what others may say; just embrace your creativity.

If it doesn’t pan out the first time, try again. And recognize every single soul that helped you along the way. You will find that sooner rather than later, things have a way of falling into place the way they were meant to.

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