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Dominating the Next Scene


Xander Angeles


the Next Scene


Xander Angeles


Rolando Poderoso

After conquering the modeling scene in the 5th Season of Asia’s Next Top Model, Maureen Wroblewitz braved the world of pageantry as she competed for the Miss Universe Philippines crown. One of this year’s fan favorites, Maureen steadily maintained
her position by astounding the audience challenge after challenge, ultimately claiming her hard-earned spot as the 1st runner-up among the Top 28 candidates who competed during the Miss Universe Philippines coronation night.

A new venture can be terrifying, so we sent a little Q&A to Asia’s Top Model herself to give us a glimpse of what her journey had been like — her why’s and how’s in challenging one of the most prestigious beauty pageants in the world. But despite all the jitters that came with the new chapter, Maureen’s priority was simply to enjoy herself and focus on claiming the most coveted crown.




What can you say about your first experience in pageantry?

I was totally new to the pageant scene, so it got nerve-wracking at times, but I made sure to focus on myself, my journey, and that I enjoyed everything.

Did you feel confident, anxious, or challenged?

I surprisingly felt confident and excited. Before deciding to join, I always thought I would be extremely anxious, but I prepared and I hoped the Universe had my back.

What kinds of preparations did you make before deciding to join the Miss Universe Philippines pageant?

This has been the most spontaneous I’ve been. It was more of a from-one-day-to-another kind
of decision, so there were no preparations beforehand.

Do you feel the pressure to win given that you were Asia’s Next Top Model back in 2017? How did that experience helping you now?

Having won AsNTM, I didn’t really feel the pressure because I knew then that whatever happens, I’d already made the Philippines proud with my win back in 2017. I knew that my supporters would be proud of me either way.

New Kingdom

New Queen,

How was your journey in modeling different from your journey now in pageantry?

The difference was that I actually had training for the pageant. When I started out as a model, I didn’t have official training, just tips. My AsNTM journey and photoshoots were the workshops that helped me improve. Now, I had pasarela, Q&A, personality development, and fitness that helped me get ready for the pageant.

Who helped you fight for the crown? What were the roles of your loved ones, if I may?

My Aces & Queens family was very supportive and they provided proper training for us, but my family and loved ones had also been there for me from the very beginning. A special shoutout to my momager, Chinie, who always knew the right words to say to keep me motivated and positive all throughout my journey.

Breaking Beauty’s


Why were you aiming for Miss Universe? Why not Miss World, Miss International, or Miss Earth?

Miss Universe, for me, has always been the most prestigious pageant. Aside from not really having a choice (friends and family, lol), I knew that if I did join any pageant, it should only be Miss Universe.

What were your advocacies and how would you have pursued them if you won the crown?

The one advocacy I would have liked to focus on was Breast Cancer Awareness. My mom passed away from Breast Cancer and that’s why it’s very close to my heart. As Miss Universe Philippines, I would have focused on spreading awareness and hopefully removing the stigma and misinformation around the disease. But I still hope more people, especially women, who are more at risk, will know the best ways to protect themselves.

Other than pageantry, what other options are you considering to pursue your advocacies?

The best way to pursue your advocacies is to grow your followers and utilize your platform in a way that everyone is informed of what you’re advocating for. I’m hoping that I will soon be able to have my own foundation that will focus on all my advocacies. This will be one of my priorities, with or without a crown.

Asia's Crowning Glory

You’ve gone through so much ever since you got scouted as a teenager. What message do you want to tell 15-year-old Maureen?

I would like to tell her that she is extremely strong and I would like to remind her to remember to focus on herself and the importance of self-love. With self-love, she’ll be able to achieve anything and get through everything.

Do you wanna give a message to your fans? What can you tell them regarding the pageant?

I would just like to thank everyone for their incredible support. I have felt so much love and kindness from my supporters. I would like them to know that I did my best to make them proud.

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