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In the Spotlight:

Laura Menesez

Photos by


In the Spotlight:

Laura Menezes.

Photographed by: Xander Angeles
Written by: TJ Zialcita


The Menezes name is no stranger in Philippine entertainment. When you hear it, we’re pretty sure an image of a stunning Brazilian comes to mind. And while you are not mistaken in that assumption, today we have another Menezes in mind. Just recently, Daiana Menezes’ younger sister Laura decided to make a home for herself here in the pearl of the orient sea. She is just settling in, but is definitely ready to start taking all the necessary steps in launching her career.

We sat down with the budding “brazilipina” for a little Q&A where she got to talking about her relationship with Daiana, her future plans in the industry, and a little words of wisdom for those who like her, are trying to pave their way into show business.

While we all know there are many shoes you can fill when going into the entertainment industry, Laura says she sees herself more as a model at the moment. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t open to other opportunities that may come her way.

“I can see from my sister’s experience that she was able to grow in whatever market she wanted to. Do you want to be a model? An actress? A host? Go ahead! That inspires me to think more than the modeling world which I am passionate about, by the way.”

Undoubtedly, Laura is in high spirits about what the future may hold. She has also said that Daiana played a major role in her deciding to move here to the Philippines and build her career. Initially, Laura had wanted to move to the USA to study English and other courses such as fashion, marketing, and business. However, her father had reservations since she would be living on her own in a strange country. It was then that Daiana stepped in, suggesting that she move here to the Philippines where she could model, do commercials, and not have to worry about being alone.

It was this story that actually piqued my interest in the sisters’ relationship. Since Daiana had suggested for Laura to move here with her, did it mean they were rather close? As it turns out, Laura and Daiana had spent most of their lives apart. Daiana left Brazil when Laura was only seven years old, but the latter does feel this move is the perfect means by which they can be together again. And when asked on how she looked up to Daiana, she had nothing but good things to say.

“As a sister, I’ve always been proud of her and all the hard work she has put into building her career. And as an artist, she is really inspiring to me as well.”

Laura also shared that apart from Daiana, she has other role models she looks up to that continue to inspire her to pursue her dreams.

“As a model, I really get inspired by Kendall Jenner. While her family is very much preoccupied with being in the spotlight as celebrities, she is focused on continuously developing her own skills and building her career. As an actress, I look up to Bruna Marquezine and Ana Julia Dorigon. They are both from Brazil and started as models before getting into acting, but their talent as actresses are pretty natural.”

Now, with more and more celebrities speaking up nowadays, I’m sure majority of us are aware that life in the spotlight is not as glamorous as it seems. We are all on the outside looking in, and we don’t realize how cutthroat the industry can actually be. Before you get your big break, one has to deal with a slew of rejections. It was pretty refreshing to hear Laura’s outlook on this harsh reality.

“No matter what industry you choose to be in, you’ll be criticized. The trick is to train your mind to think that if you don’t get that specific job, it doesn’t mean you are not good enough or pretty enough or talented enough.”

She wrapped it up by saying it’s all about finding projects that suit what you have to offer. Films and brands often have a certain look in mind during the creative process, so what Laura said is pretty spot on. The rejections you may receive along the way don’t automatically equate to your self-worth or a lack of talent. They just build you up to be stronger and more confident with yourself.

Probably my favorite take away from interviewing Laura was when she explained what her edge was. Oftentimes, when other celebrities or personas are asked this question, they will talk about their personality or hidden talents. What I loved about Laura’s answer was that she talked about her attitude.

“Something that I learned since I got here is to not complain about anything involving your job. If you don’t like the clothes, the makeup, or the hair, just make it work in front of the camera. It is not about you. You are working WITH the brand to sell the product or the service, so just make it work.”

It was so humbling to hear, and an absolute eye-opener. Having a good and positive attitude requires no special set of skills or talent. And it may surprise all of us to find that complaining less can make any form of work seem so much lighter. Just train yourself to see the good in every situation.

I also pried a little into Laura’s future plans. She expressed a desire to continuously hone her acting and modeling skills, and that she’s hopeful we will be seeing more of her in the future. Ultimately, she hopes to be able to look back at her journey knowing she gave her best efforts in every single job she will take on in her career that will lead her to the best version of herself.

“I think the best advice for everybody is not to judge. The industry is hard and cutthroat on its own, so we don’t need any more negativity in our lives. Also, don’t compare yourself to others. If you feel envious of someone, change your mindset. Turn that envy into admiration, and start thinking of what you can do to get there as well.”

Your age does not define your capabilities. Any goal you may have can be made possible as long as you put in the work to get there. Like Laura, all you have to do is take that first step and train your mind to see the best in every situation.

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